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Importing a JDM Toyota?

Importing a JDM Toyota truck is one of the most nerve racking experiences a car enthusiast can go through. It feels hit-or-miss the whole way and lots of room for being taken advantage of. The information below is not a paid advertisement and Duggys Garage does not endorse nor have any affiliation with any of the mentioned vendors. It is highly suggested to go through a reputable source to purchase an import and it's equally important to cross check everything. But when your JDM Toyota is States side and in need of maintenance, Duggys Garage is the place to go for Toyota Diesel, right hand drive Toyota & JDM Toyota 4x4 trucks in Houston.

How do I import a Toyota Land Cruiser to the United States?

Buying a used JDM vehicle that someone is reselling and already registered in the United States makes it a very easy process. At that point, its just like buying a used vehicle. However if you're choosing one that's in Japan still, the importing one can take time and lots of misleading information out there - but with the right people & tools, it can be a little bit easier.

Good Importers?

It's really hard to identify a good importer other than through reviews and first hand knowledge. We recommend a Facebook Group named "I got screwed over by shady Japanese Importer" where a community of 30K+ JDM enthusiasts have a list of importers to work with, and stay away from. Choosing the right one is going to make or break your experience!

Cash Only?

While the vast majority of JDM imports are cash only basis, there are financing options available for those who qualify. Light Stream offers a very easy to use service and provides financing options for qualified applicants.  It's a nice way to have the cash you need for your dream JDM Toyota 4x4 while being able to pay them back in regular installments. 

Mileage Verification

Identifying the miles on a JDM can be tricky. Not only because they measure in KM (lol) but sometimes even the documents submitted to the importer can be questionable. JEVIC has been identified as a helpful database of info that is trustworthy. It's similar to a CARFAX report for JDM vehicles. Visit the JEVIC Website for more info

Vehicle Insurance

Running a quote through an online portal at any major insurance company is not going to work because JDM vehicles don't have standard 17 character VIN numbers like we are used to. They come with 11 character chassis/frame numbers which a request for quote online will likely reject. Call a local agent and speak to a live person who will understand the nuances of not having a VIN. State Farm, USAA and GIECO are known to insure JDM vehicles with the help of a real life agent.

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