duggy's garage started with my passion for cars, wrenching on Honda Civics in my mom's garage. The cars were cheap and the cult following was huge! There were a few sport hatchbacks that you could get into and still have a lot of fun with.

Eventually this passion evolved into off-road vehicles when a buddy of mine took off-roading. I was instantly hooked. It baffled me to think you would build a rig, go out and make your trucks dirty since I was mainly in the car show circuits where cars were kept pristine and untouched. A complete 180 degrees from my roots.

Wrenching has always fascinated me and once I learned how to turn a wrench, everything just fell into place. There is a sense of fulfillment and completion once you are done and revel in what's been completed.  I try to always challenge myself whenever I feel I am getting complacent, so I start to dream up large ideas.

Opening a shop has always been a dream of mine and has been one of my largest challenges yet. As my needs evolved from a 2-car garage to a shop, so did my skills. As it stands, duggy's garage, LLC is a grassroots off-road company that started with the common man in mind. Rigs are purpose built for what the customer uses their trucks for. Build styles can range from long distance expedition travel, baja long-travel setups, or weekend warrior setups. I won't say that I have all of the answers, but where my skills really stand out is finding the answers and getting them completed on your rig. My promise to you is that I will never sell you on something you don't need.  

I hope to bring your vision and journey to life so you can build your experiences, ones that you will remember and talk about for a lifetime.

-Duc Nguyen