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Duggys Garage services 200 series Land Cruisers in Houston

Toyota Land Cruiser expert mechanic in Houston

Toyota Land Cruiser owners in Houston trust Duggys Garage with everything their Toyota Land Cruiser will need. We perform regular maintenance and offer complete knuckle rebuild kits for Toyota Land Cruisers. We specialize in every kind of Land Cruiser from the classic 40 series, 60 series, 80 series to the newer 100 series or 200 series. Will we see a 300 series soon? Hopefully!

Toyota 40 series Land Cruisers are serviced at Duggys. We care for your classic Toyota whether it's your farm truck or daily driver, we can care for 40 series here!


40 series Land Cruiser

The 40 Series Land Cruiser is often seen as the classic Toyota Land Cruiser to own. The simplicity, vintage and effective 4x4 capacity is unmatched. We are always excited to service 40 series Land Cruisers in Houston.


60 series Land Cruiser

The Land Cruiser of the 1980's, the Toyota 60 and 62 series Land Cruisers will not leave you stranded. We enjoy seeing the look on owners faces after getting their 60 series Land Cruiser in the best shape of its life. Reach out to us today at 281-849-8201 to get your 60 series on schedule.

Toyota 60 series Land Cruiser owners in Houston truck Duggys Garage for general maintenance and upgrades to Toyota 60 series land Cruiser
One of the best offroad vehicles every made, the Toyota 80 series Land Cruiser. We service 80 series Land Cruisers at Duggys Garage


80 series Land Cruiser

The last of the solid front axles, the Toyota 80 series Land Cruiser really packs a punch with a reliable 4x4, easy to find upgrades and OEM parts. This classic boxy look has 1990's era nostalgia all over it. 80 series Land Cruiser owners in Houston trust Duggys Garage as their go-to.


100 Series Land Cruiser

The 100 series Land Cruiser kept all the rugged and rough cuts and stylings of the predecessor but came with the first pass at Toyota's blend of luxury. As a modern overlander or off-road vehicle, the Toyota 100 Series Land Cruiser is a true gem. We service 100 series Land Cruisers in Houston for general maintenance & upgrades.

Toyota 100 series is an excellent overlanding and off-road vehicle. Bring your 100 series to duggys garage for top notch care and servicing
We offer upgrades to your Toyota 200 series Land Cruiser like ARB Bumpers, light bars and lift kits for Toyota Land Cruisers


200 series Land Cruiser

The 200 series is America's latest model. Nothing beats a 200 series Land Cruiser when it comes to modern bells & whistles we are used to along with the reliable 4x4 coming from every Land Cruiser before it. We are proud to service 200 series Toyota Land Cruisers in Houston.


JDM, RHD, Diesel

Importing a Land Cruiser from Japan can make anyone anxious. You're buying a vehicle from a place you don't know with confusing service history and paperwork. And typically paying $20,000 or more for the right truck. But we are proud to deliver peace of mind and quality service to Imported Toyota Diesel vehicles in Houston. 

Duggys Garge services Toyota Diesel HDJ80, HDJ81 Land Cruisers in Houston
Duggys Garage gets your land cruiser ready to rock crawl

Toyota Land Cruiser 

Off-road use

Toyota Land Cruisers make for fantastic off-road only vehicles. A truck like this is too nice to scratch up, but does not lack anything from a capability standpoint. We service off-road use Toyota land Cruisers in Houston, TX.

Toyota Land Cruiser

And Lexus badged equivalents

We help clients in Houston and beyond with pre & post purchase inspections. Giving you the baseline info you need to kick off your build. We want to make sure your vehicle can handle what you throw at it plus drive comfortably even with a lift kit. We help Toyota Land Cruiser drivers in Houston keep their 80 series running like new!

Daily driving Toyota Land Cruiser maintenance and upgrades offered at Duggys Garage
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