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Toyota Tundra dealership alternative in Houston

Toyota Tundra

Believe it or not, the Toyota Tundra was introduced in 2000. By late 2000's, Toyota started manufacturing the Tundra right here in Texas, out of the San Antonio facility. The Toyota Tundra provides owners with off road capability, toughness of a work-truck yet stacked with Toyota reliability. Duggys Garage services Toyota Tundra's in Houston for all items ranging from general maintenance to off-road & overlanding upgrades. 

Duggys Garage Shop tundra is for sale

Toyota Tundra

"The Shop Tundra"

This is our shop Tundra. Yes, it IS for sale. If you're interested to learn more you can contact us and we'll be happy to walk you through all the bells & whistles. The wrap can be removed upon sale, or you can ride around town with Duggys Garage logo - up to you!

Toyota Tundra


The TRD Pro gives a more aggressive look and comes factory fitted with multiple add-ons and upgrades compared to the base models. But there's more! Duggys Garage services TRD Pro Tundra and equips them with the lift, front & rear bumpers and other upgrades you need.

Toyota Tundra TRD Pro drivers in Houston trust Duggys Garage for upgrades and general maintenance
Toyota Tundra's make excellent work trucks and offroad trucks. We service your tundra for all your needs

Toyota Tundra


We know buying a brand new truck is a lot of fun but off-road equipment might be tough to find at first. We assist you in building your Toyota Tundra your way. From Wescott Designs lift kits to C4 front bumpers as shown above, we do it all.

Toyota Tundra

General Maintenance

We have years of experience in keeping Toyota's on the road and the Tundra is no different. We also offer general maintenance & upkeep for your Toyota Tundra in Houston, TX.

Toyota Tundra dealership alternative for general maintenance and upgrades in Houston
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