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Where can I go off-roading near Houston?

Where can you go off-roading in Houston, TX? Well, there's not a long list of options in the greater Houston area but with a little bit of planning and driving, there are fantastic off-road areas and parks that can involve an opportunity to camp out, or also be done as a day trip from Houston. There are off-roading styles for all kinds of adventure seekers. Whether you want to drive down to the coast for a beach run, or test out some mud terrain tires, there is a little bit of everything for each of us.

Places to go off-roading near Houston

We do not have any affiliation with these locations and only use case is to provide some guidance for places to off-road or overland closer to Houston. We urge you to check weather conditions and vehicle condition before attempting any off-road activities. You can always reach out to us if you have questions or want to make sure your vehicle is ready for an off-road journey. 

Xtreme Off-road park

Xtreme off-road park & beach is located in Crosby, TX. Its a full fledged mud pit with some natural and man made obstacles to test your vehicle & driver dynamics. But Land Cruiser drivers, just remember its called ih8mud for a reason.

Creekside Off-road ranch

Creekside off-road ranch is another off-road area just outside of Houston. It too is a muddy enviornment but offers some trails and opportunity to test your vehicle's capability in high water. But drivers be warned, high water can lead to high repairs. Just know that if anything happens, we are here for you!

Matagorda, TX

Matagorda, TX is located along the Gulf Coast. A prominent fishing bay that's recently seen a large amount of expansion. With miles of coastline and the right 4x4 vehicle, Matagorda makes for a really nice and secluded location for a beach run. All you need is a permit from the county office or convenience store located in the middle of downtown.

Off Roading in TX

With a bit of planning and camping or glamping, you can check out Katemcy Rocks Off Road Park and Barnwell Mountain in Gilmer TX. If you're willing to go further, there's also South Padre Island & Big Bend Nat'l Park

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