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Duggys Buggy

Duggys Buggys

Buggys are A LOT of fun. If you haven't been in one, you are missing out. The experience of taking a machine specifically built for rigorous off-roading and rock crawling is a joy that cannot be explained til you try it. If you are interested in learning more or purchasing a buggy, please contact us today!

Duggys Garage is a shop of enthusiasts. We service Toyota Buggys in Houston

Duggy's Buggy

The owners Buggy

This was once a Toyota but after a whole host of mods, custom fab and upgrades, this baby can climb literally anything. Duggys Garage participates in events across the country in this buggy. From King Of Hammers to Katemcy Rocks, we can go anywhere in this thing!

Duggy's Buggy

Rock Lizard

Rock Lizard is a custom chassis made just for off-roading and/or rock-crawling in a buggy. Around this, we can fit 42" stickies and truly test the durability of the bead locked KMC wheels. Duggys Garage is the ultimate off-road shop for all your Buggy needs.

Rock Lizard chassis with Duggys care can make for a great rock crawler buggy
Whether you're looking for advice or service to your Toyota buggy, we can help you.

Duggy's Buggy

Toyota Buggy

This was once a Toyota from Louisiana that went through a complete transformation from an on-road, stock Toyota truck into this menacing machine. This one comes with a standard 5 speed manual transmission giving you the feel of the Toyota Truck while having all the right add-ons to take you on, around, and through anything.

Duggy's Buggys


Part of the experience of going to an off-road park is watching after yourself and cleaning up to ensure park is in peak condition for all visitors. Sak-it offers an excellent and cool looking way to do just that. We use custom, Duggys Garage sak-it bags on every buggy we own!

Part of off-roading is tending to the park. Always pick up after yourselves with Sak-It sacks.
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