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Facebook Groups for Toyota Trucks & Overlanding

There are a lot of helpful resources online. We've compiled a whole list of them for you to help you along your off-roading and overlanding journey

Facebook Pages, Groups & Forums

There are A LOT of local and national Facebook pages, groups and forums you can join to sync up with our fellow Toyota 4x4 community. Here's a list of some that we found most helpful. Note that we are not endorsing, or affiliated with any of these forums, websites nor are they endorsing or affiliated with us. This is just free info to get the ball rolling on your overland build


ih8mud is the largest Toyota forum out there. There are countless posts, discussions, diagrams and videos for reference. We highly recommend making an account with ih8mud before, during or after you purchase your Toyota 4x4.

Toyota 80 series USA

Toyota 80 series USA is a Facebook group with nearly 15K members. Group members post questions, provide feedback, and have a good time showing off their 80 series. Groups for 40 series, 60/62 series, 100 series and 200 series also exist. Check them out on Facebook for more info

Lone Star Land Cruisers

Lone Star Land Cruisers is a NPO dedicated to maintaining events and community style relationships with Toyota Land Cruiser and other Toyota 4x4 vehicles. They do regular events and offer membership opportunities. Visit Lone Star Land Cruisers website to learn more

Toyota Jamboree

Toyota Jamboree is the largest Toyota 4x4 event in the country. Somewhere between 500 to 600 unique Toyota 4x4 trucks packed with enthusiasts, shops, vendors and more. Whether you're running stock or have a complete off-road build, you will have fun at Toyota Jamboree. Visit their website to learn more!

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