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Toyota Tacoma off-road upgrades in Houston.

The Toyota Tacoma - at the very start, this was known as the Toyota Truck. - - Yep...that was the name, just a truck. And that's how simple it was. We've come a long way from then with the latest models coming with all the bells & whistles.

Toyota Tacoma drivers head straight to Duggys Garage for upgrades and maintenance



Before it was the Taco, this was the Toyota Truck. And thats exactly what it was; a trustworthy truck. It got you there, back and there again a million times over with just some basic maintenance. We enjoy keeping these classic Toyota Trucks on the road in Houston.



Toyota Tacoma has evolved over time but throwing a beautiful ARB bumper in the front is timeless. Toyota Tacoma owners in Houston head to Duggys for upgrades on their Tacoma from RTT to lift kits. 

Toyota Tacoma makes for an excellent overland and offroad vehicle
Toyota Tacoma with camper addition is the best overlanding option for Toyota Tacoma. Come to Duggys to get your tacoma riding right!


Tacoma - Camper

Turning your Toyota Tacoma into a camper is always a good idea. The ideal mid sized truck with off-road capability plus camper for the ultimate overland adventure rig you can get. 


Tacoma TRD

Toyota Tacoma TRD is the best factory Tacoma available. With the high tech crawl settings and old school reliability, Toyota Tacoma owners in Houston

We are Houston's Toyota Tacoma dealership alternative
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